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Mindfulness and it’s Health Benefits

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in PathwaysVoice - Blog | 0 comments

Today’s world seems to rush by faster than ever. We have more to accomplish in less time along with more distractions. It is easy to lose track of what is happening in the here and now, which in turn causes people to lose awareness of what they are feeling and how their actions are affecting others. One of our greatest gifts is the ability to express mindfulness, the practice of focusing attention to the present moment and accepting what is happening without rendering judgment. Today, the art of mindfulness is being examined by health professionals as to its effects on happiness. In fact, applying mindfulness to your day to day activities can help decrease depression, decrease anxiety, and render positive health benefits. The Art of Mindfulness There is certainly nothing new about the concept of mindfulness as it stretches back for thousands of years. Mindfulness is not only part of Buddhism but its wisdom can be found in most religions as well. This is because the shift of focus towards a larger perspective of life and the wonders it carries brings about a sense of peace, fulfillment, and health benefits. The effects of mindfulness have broadened to the point where medical studies have shown that improvements to mind and body can be brought about with the application of mindfulness on a daily basis. The positive changes that have been observed are more than anecdotal, they are now fully accepted. How Mindfulness Improves Well Being There are a number of ways that being mindful can help improve your overall state of being. What follows is merely some of the effects that have been demonstrated. –       Improves one’s positive outlook and mental well being –       Assists with appreciating what life brings about –       Creates a better ability for dealing with adverse events –       Reduces worrying and foreboding over future events –       Better able to form deeper connections with others Physical improvements include: –       Reduced risk of heart disease –       Stress relief –       Decreases gastrointestinal pain –       Lower blood pressure –       Lessens chronic pain –       Improves Sleep The Positive Effects of Mindfulness on Mental Health Today, counseling methods convey the ideas of mindfulness to those who are feeling more stress, depression, and anxiety in their day to day lives. This has helped many people over the years that otherwise would have more difficulty controlling their emotions and feelings. For those with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, substance abuse problems, marital issues, obsessive-compulsive disorders and more, mindfulness meditation has helped bring a new perspective to their lives. Thus, learning to be more mindful teaches people to accept things as they are and deal with painful emotions in a more positive manner. It is becoming increasingly common for health professionals to include mindfulness in psychotherapy and in particular cognitive behavioral sessions. The combinations of proven techniques along with the wisdom of mindfulness work hand in hand to create a better, more peaceful outlook on life. As a result, happiness and peace...

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